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    Successful Trial of HSCL Automotive Racks in Shanghai

    Add time: 2020/1/13 11:19:13  View count: 635次

           随着运车架的不断推广与发展,惠州胜狮能源装备有限公司( HSCL )生产的箱外运车架( EL-RAK)受到了国内外多家大型企业的青睐。2020年1月10日,国内两家大型物流公司计划使用箱外运车架试装沃尔沃( VOLVO ) S90与XC40车辆,试装于当日上午8点在上海港建路海通码头港建库如期举行。

    With continuous promotion and development of automotive racks, the "out-of-box" automotive racks (EL-RAK) produced by Huizhou Singamas Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. (HSCL) is acclaimed by many large enterprises at home and abroad. On January 10, 2020, two large domestic automotive logistics companies participated in the trial to load Volvo S90 and XC40. The trial was held on at 8 am on the same day at Shanghai Port Construction Road, Haitong Terminal Port.


    In the trial installation, HSCL assigned 3 employees to assist at the loading site, including 2 operators and 1 technical guide. It was a rainy day where the temperature at the loading site was as low as 5 degrees Celsius, the three employees were drenched but relentless in the rain and cold. They persisted in the morning and afternoon to complete the trial installation with loading and unloading of 12 vehicles for the two automotive logistics companies on the same day. This is a major milestone to promote our product in domestic market.  


    The trial installation ended at 19:00 on that same day and achieved its success. Products, trial installation plan and its results were highly endorsed by the two automotive logistics companies. We acknowledge the unyielding efforts of our three employees who complete the trial installation in the harsh weather. Appreciate all their efforts for the Singamas development.

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