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    Let's work together to stop COVID-19

    Add time: 2020/2/13 14:19:05  View count: 1257次


    Since its outbreak in Hubei, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected China and globally. At the moment when the epidemic is spreading in the country, Huizhou Singamas Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. actively carried out internal preventive measures and control. While paying close attention to the national epidemic situation. Due to the rapid change of the epidemic situation, this resulted in shortage of prevention materials. Hence, our Company donated a batch of container houses for the Huiyang government for epidemic prevention. This move effectively fulfills our corporate social responsibility.


    Our Company is a subsidiary of Singamas Container Holdings Limited, specialised in production of different types of containers and steel structures. In fact, our Company has produced containers for medical clinics in South Africa and a project of the Australian Emergency Management Department which enhanced our experience in the containerized accommodation units for emergency response and medical facility related products. Using our prior experiences, our container housing units can meet the needs of epidemic prevention by providing temporary quarantine isolation for infected patients and hosting outdoor epidemic prevention testing staff.


    Mr. Zhang, our General Manager addressed during an interview that the current global epidemic is a critical and requires consensus efforts where we should strive forward and do our best to contribute - taking up personal responsibility and teamwork to cooperate with "Huizhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Office", and work towards combating COVID-19 as soon as possible.

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