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    Huizhou Singamas Energy Equipment Co., Ltd (HSCL), a grand opening ceremony was held

    Add time: 2020/7/24 11:17:00  View count: 308次
    Huizhou Singamas Energy Equipment Co., Ltd (HSCL),
    a grand opening ceremony was held

    At 13:30 p.m. on July 23,2020, the grand unveiling ceremony of Huizhou Singamas Energy Equipment Co., Ltd (HSCL) was held. In a jubilant atmosphere, Mr. Jeremy Zheng, assistant vice president of Singamas Group, together with Mr. Timbo Zhang, general manager of HSCL, unveiled.

    In his speech, Mr. Zheng affirmed the past achievements of HSCL, and expressed the hope that HSCL would write a new chapter on the new site, make full use of its geographical advantages, and continue to build on its manufacturing experience in the container industry and develop new innovations, to promote the development of CGS in the special box industry and make great achievements in the southern markets, and wish HSCL a prosperous business, thriving and better!

    General Manager Mr. Zhang lit up the firecracker to express his gratitude to all the guests who attended the unveiling ceremony, special thanks to the construction of the new site for our strong support of the local government and long-term friendly relations between suppliers and customers. The construction of the new site, poured into the vast number of staff and project construction participants, just in good time, we welcomed the unveiling ceremony. Mr. Zhang encouraged everyone to carry forward the spirit of the lion, to open up a new situation at the new site of Yonghu, to display the company's brand-new image, to work together as a team, to establish a brand in the special box manufacturing industry, and to push the company into a new stage of development, contribute to the development of the group!

    HSCL business opening, our staff will be a new look, excellent product quality, professional technical services, feedback to the vast number of new and old customers, welcome to our new site visit, negotiation.

    (Mr. Zheng, assistant vice president of Singamas Group, cut the ribbon together with Mr. Zhang, general manager of HSCL.)

    Thumb up for our wonderful tomorrow

    The future is in sight

    Huizhou Singamas Energy Equipment Co. Ltd. 
    (“HSCL”) is a manufacturer of specialized containers - integrating design, production, sales and installation. Operating on a 300,000 m2 site in Yonghu Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou, it has an annual capacity of 30,000 TEUs ISO specialized containers. 
    Encompassing advanced technical capabilities, manufacturing excellence and engineering expertise, Company focuses on specialized container manufacturing, customized containers, modular units and related components, while embracing scientific and quality management system. 

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    Huizhou Singamas Energy Equipment Co., Ltd (HSCL)
    Address:Dongfeng, Xinwei Town,Huizhou,Guangdong,China

    EMAIL:meirong.hu@cn.singamas.com  粤ICP备20021729号-1

    D/L:(+86)0752 3528 620

    FAX:(+86)0752 3621 989